Aroma Candle Massage with a little gift 🎁




Aroma Candle Massage with a little gift 🎁


Aroma Candle Massage

It's getting colder day by day.

How is your body conditions ?

We announced  new promotion "Aroma Candle Massage".

Limited 1 person or 1 couple / day

The massage gives you deep relaxation with the oil warmed by the flame of the candle,

wrapped in the scent of candles reminisent of a tropical country 🌺

Makes your skin moisturized with rich texture oil ✨

You can bring it home the candle that used for your  massage.

Keep enjoy the fragrance at home !


60min : 15,000+tax

90min   : 20,000+tax

120min : 25,000+tax

Please ask if you want to have massage as a couple.